Premium Gunpowder - Organic

Premium Gunpowder - Organic

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This is a Chinese classic: Intense, bold, in your face green tea. 

Known as 'gunpowder' in the West because the rolled tea leaves resemble powder pellets, it is called 珠茶 (Zhu Cha, literally translated as 'pearl tea') in China.

Its production, reportedly, started in the Tang Dynasty. The handcrafting method differs from other Chinese pan-fired green teas; 'gunpowder' is slightly withered, steamed, rolled and dried.  This creates a bolder, in your face green tea that is ideal to wake up with.

This batch of tea was farmed organically in the hills of Central Hunan Province. The rich, chunky leaves are full of flavour; compared to other harvests, the leaves of this batch are steamed for a shorter time and dried for a longer time. This results in a duller, less oily appearance, but yields a milder, less astringent taste. 



3g (~1 tbsp)


240ml (1 cup)


80°C (176°F)

Steep Time

220 seconds