Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Organic

Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Organic

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These beautiful green tea pearls are scented with jasmine using the traditional method. They have bright notes of flowers and very low astringency. The outstanding green tea, scented with fresh jasmine petals, are hand-rolled into pearls. 

Jasmine tea is one of the most highly prized treats in Northern China and (of course), Fujian. This fragrant brew is, however, not easy to handcraft.

These jasmine pearls are crafted with organic, early spring tea leaves, carefully processed as 'green tea': they are lightly steamed to 'kill the green' (i.e: prevent oxidization); the leaves are rolled into beautiful 'pearls' and carefully stored, waiting for the late summer harvest of jasmine blossoms. 

Once the jasmine blossoms are ready, they are blended and piled together with the tea leaves and left overnight, allowing the delicate flavour of the jasmine to enter the leaves. This process is repeated until the artisan is satisfied with the aroma of the tea.

This is why the leaves yield such a delicious brew! 

The organic tea leaves are from the fields around Hangzhou, in the province of Zhejiang. The jasmine used to scent these leaves comes from Northern Fujian Province. 



3g (~1 tbsp)


240ml (1 cup)


80°C (176°F)

Steep Time

210 seconds