Organic Premium Pu Er




A smooth, rich, woody Pu Er made from chunky leaves. 
Delicious to drink as-is, with great aging potential.

Origin & History
Pu Er is, simply put, fermented tea that comes from Yunnan Province, China.

This particular batch was grown in Simao (Pu Er), Yunnan, China, anaerobically fermented for 40 days, and harvested in May of 2022.

While you can get tea from many other regions, it should only be called Pu Er if it is made in Yunnan (just like sparkling wine can only be champagne if it is Produced in Champagne, France). 

If a great-tasting tea isn’t enough on its own, for centuries the Chinese have attributed a wealth of health and digestive benefits to this tea, and recently, some celebrity North American health experts are recognizing the same.


  • Tea: 3g / 1 tbsp
  • Water: 240ml / 1 cup 
  • Temperature:  100°C / 212°F
  • Steep: 180 seconds, 3-4 steeps