Organic Premium Sencha



This organically-grown Japanese-style sencha features chunky leaves that have been lightly steamed for an approachable mouthfeel and long-lasting aftertaste.

Origin & History 
Sencha is the most popular style of Japanese green tea, representing roughly 80% of tea production in Japan. It is loosely defined as:

  • Premium, early harvest leaves
  • Processed with steam, rolled into needles, and dried.

We're often asked why Japanese-style green tea is so much greener than its Chinese-style counterpart, and while that is a very broad generalization, it comes down to which method is used to prevent oxidization: steaming or pan-firing. 

Japanese-style teas most often use the steaming method, which generally yields a more intensely green tea, typically with more oceanic notes. 

Chinese-style teas most often use the pan-firing method, which generally yields a lighter coloured tea with nuttier, gentler notes.

This particular batch was organically farmed in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. 


  • Tea: 4g / 1 tbsp
  • Water: 240ml / 1 cup 
  • Temperature:  75°C / 167°F
  • Steep: 180 seconds